From the first years of operation, the company Cylindermaster provides high quality services and products in the Greek industry, shipping and in the field of repair of earthmoving equipment, cranes and all kinds of hydraulic cylinders.

Professionalism, consistency, specialization are the key characteristics that govern the company and have made it a constant force in the field.

With many years of experience since 1988 the company Cylindermaster deals with the construction, repair & maintenance of high pressure hydraulic cylinders – heavy type, double & single energy as well as telescopic.

The company implements strict quality controls and quality assurance procedures throughout the range of activities, from the supply of spare parts to the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.

The widest range of applications concerns hydraulic cylinders for industry, hydraulic cylinders for shipping, hydraulic cylinders for tunnel drilling machines, hydraulic cylinders for earthmoving & road construction machines, as well as hydraulic cylinders.

Consistent vigilance for development and investment in both specialized staff and mechanical equipment make Cylindermaster one of the most reliable companies in the field.